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I want a Boy with Desire - Age 19

Meet Chris Online

Hello, I'm Christine and I just turned 19 and am looking for fun with some crazy boys. I am would like to play the piano professionally and my dream is to perform in Carnegie Hall. The part that I don't tell people is that I want to do it while a guy sits on the piano facing me and I give him oral pleasure while I play some profound song.

In addition to wanting a man with a really great body, I love great conversation and brains so the guy that I hook up with has to have it all. I want to meet on him in a dark hotel room a basis where we will explore mutual pleasures. I love to make a man groan while he pleasures me with his tongue. I don't mean that he uses his tongue on my body, but he should talk to me about what he wants. There is nothing more sexy than a man who talks dirty to you while you finger his junk.

I enjoy going out to bars where I like to play pool and check out the men. I am always up for meeting new people and love to flirt. My girlfriends and I often will go to a bar and pick up a guy and then the three of us take him home. It's a real turn on to watch my friends seduce a guy.

Looking for a Long-Term Relationship - Age 30

Meet Rita Online

Isn't it funny how so many people on these online dating sites say that they are not looking for a relationship? It seems like almost all of them are either horny married guys looking to get laid or they are in denial of actually finding a loving caring partner that will last forever.

I have a different approach to my dating profile. I'm going to be honest. I am looking for a relationship not a one night stand or a fuck buddy. I have the old fashioned dream of meeting the perfect man, settling down in the countryside, having kids and living happily eve after. Would that be so bad guys?

So here are the details: Although I can be the professional, confident and mature person that I am, I'm always myself and will always be a kid at heart. love to travel and do about 6-7 times a year. I am looking for a blond with nice teeth. I've recently taken up hiking and camping although the bugs are a bit much, I really want to get laid in the woods. I really love movies, music and good conversation especially with someone who has a great sense of humor and I love corny jokes.

How about a date with Connie from New York - Age 22

Hook up with Connie

I am new to cyber dating and my friends think I'm nuts for doing this but I really am tired of being single and always the third wheel when I go out with my friends. I must say that I've developed some great communication skills over the years. I have some skills in the bedroom too but that's for later. I would prefer to meet a slim or athletic brunettes or even redheads that work out daily and have very large sex organs.

My hobbies include reading books, writing email, hanging out with friends, masturbating in the tub, and shooting pool. My friends say that im pretty easygoing, funny and I try to enjoy living life. I have just recently moved home from California to New York for a new job. I won't tell you about my job her on this dating profile, but I think that once you hear the details it will titillate you. I am a high school graduate and I spent a few years in college before dropping out to start my own business. I'm on this cyber dating website looking for friends, chat partners, and possibly more after we get to know each other.

Meet Shirly for a Flick - Age 38

Shirly for Fun I am a bit of a movie nut and am looking for someone to watch with me. Not someone that just wants to watch movies but wants to do stuff during the movie! Actually a perfect evening is to turn on a movie, get naked and rub my partner's body with oil while we watch. This is especially titillating if it's a sexy movie. I'm not really into porn but a movie with a bit of nudity that still has a good plot is perfect. I also have a thing about children's movies. I like to watch cartoons and things like Tim Burton movies while I'm naked and oiled up.

One last thing. I like to eat fried chicken and biscuits while I watch movies with my lover. I find the chicken very sensual.

Meet Online with Paula from Seattle - Age 26

Sexy Rhonda I am looking for a sexy man who has his stuff together, who is willing to put as much effort into creating a good relationship as I do. After been ignored for most of my married life, I want to do things differently with the next man that I date. I would enjoy like to meet some new men for sex and to spend some time together to get to know each other. I am really laid back and want to have fun. I want a sexy dude but I value my family and friends, and try to spend time with them when I am not hooking up in a bar.

I am not happy to partake in meeting with women in a bar any more although I am very independent, hard working and a party girl. I do know how to let my hair down when I want to even though I only have a little hair on my chest. I have been single for 8 years and have not dated since the early days of the century when men had more class and they didn't just want sex on the first date. I like doing activities outdoors like hiking, making love, biking, but I also like to hangout inside the bedroom and play video games and eat salty stacks.

If you are interested in a girl who is easy to to talk to and does not fence them off, do get back to me. Although I am still mourning my late husband, I am looking to meet new people and maybe find that special man to love.

Hook up with Susan from Springfield - Age: 34

Miss Susan I may be playful as a kitten but I am as straight forward as it can be when it comes to relationships. I detest game playing and believe that being deceitful or manipulative are only valuable in business - not in the bedroom. When in the bedroom I love to laugh and have fun with my man. I like to dress up in my sexy lingerie and then take then have my sex partner take them off. I enjoy walking, visiting my friends and some times just chilling on the couch with my lover and a case of Jack. I think that men who like to eat red meat have the highest sex drive so I insist that my boyfriend eat a lot meat at least once per day. I usually like to rub his meat between my breasts so that he can see how red and juicy it is.

Because I am such a naughty flirt I make friends easily and love being around people. I like to read palms when I can, watch tv when it rains, hang out with friends and family. As I said I like to cook, go for walks, go to flea markets and drink a lot of alcohol.

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